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Muscle Tears, weirdest and hardest

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  • Muscle Tears, weirdest and hardest

    Just like the title says. What muscle do you think is/would look the weirdest if torn? Also what muscle do you think is hardest to tear/the most uncommon muscle tear?

    For me the weirdest I would say is traps. I cant even begin to imagine what someone would look like with torn traps. For the hardest or most uncommon i'd say side delts. I dont think you can possibly put enough force on them to tear.

    My buddy recently tore both his calves which look kinda weird but considering how much weight people use when training them coupled with the "bouncing" reps lots of people do id say its a surprise more people dont tear them.
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    I tear my quad every day!
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      forearms...traps too...