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How Often Is It Acceptable To Eat Junk Food

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    Originally posted by modredtrenton View Post
    i diggest icecream with protein powder much better and faster than beef and rice. I diggest beef very bad thats why i always eat fish instead.
    LOL that was just an example. Are you saying ice cream and protein powder is just as good for you as fish and rice?


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      Originally posted by B-Neva View Post

      chicken and rice 24/7
      throw some broccoli in there bro. welcome to the gainztrain!


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        Originally posted by modredtrenton View Post
        i agree with you.i found out that when you reach a certain size and a certain dosage you dont have problems with getting fat anymore . Getting enough calories in is mor of a problem if you are big and enchanced.
        you're clearly not talking about yourself here


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          Originally posted by LongJourney Los View Post
          you're clearly not talking about yourself here
          this morning 250 pounds at 5,6 in the middle of my offseason . i eat clean things and not so clean things. i am happy with my bodyfatlevels at this weight.pic 2 is from last week.