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How does your brains "GPS system" effect your gains?

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  • How does your brains "GPS system" effect your gains?

    You would never think to punch the WRONG address into your car's GPS if you were driving to an unknown destination, would you? Well, you'd be surprised how many people punch the wrong destination into their "BIOLOGICAL GPS" when trying to arrive at their fitness destination! Then they wonder why they NEVER get there!
    See what I mean in this short video clip.

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    Hi, I recently purchased a tracking device for car to be always aware of what is happening with my car. The tracker is commonly used to recover lost vehicles because nowadays people are very wary of car theft and want the best opportunity to find their vehicle if someone steals it.
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      Wow. I was about to celebrate the fact that Dave was posting here and then I realized it was from 2014...2014! This post came back out of nowhere