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    Originally posted by Deerod021 View Post
    This is one dumbass quote, Jay is a beast and a great bodybuilder not to mention Mr. Olympia. He worked all season to get up there on the stage. What the judges decide is out of his hands, they scored him highest, I dont know why everyone on the site has the negative comments towards Jay. If anything direct them towards the judges.

    Anyways back to the original subject, I am also glad that big RUHL is stepping down so he can live a long healthy life. He gave a lot to the fans.
    He is only "O" cuz muscle tech bought it for him.


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      Originally posted by Ron Harris View Post
      Where is everyone getting the idea that his health was the main reason behind the decision? Did Flex W say this?

      I would speculate that he doesn't see the point in competing anymore. Unless he could get his back and hams and glutes ripped, he was never going to be back in the top positions, and maybe it's just not possible for him for whatever reason.

      Im sure i read an interview with him in MD this year where he stated he was planning on competing for a few more years.

      It just makes sense that it would be health related, its not like everyone is saying "Its cause of steroids, he's gonna die", i mean, come on, you've heard how he breathes. Trying to supply that much muscle with oxygen, the monster must get tired taking a shit!! He'll be healthy and will do what all other pro's do when they retire....drop some muscle and feel soooo much better for it!

      Markus you will be sorely missed by ALOT of people, dont be a stranger to these boards, you might be retired but your fans are always here.
      "Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today" - James Dean


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        Ruhl is one of the all time greats



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          He is the only bodybuilder I have the slightest interest in watching a DVD of.
          Its a sad day.
          What a great guy and freaky physique!!


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            Good luck to him - he's great.
            I riff em all on phat' bottom string - making it clear who's the real Kerry-King


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              Originally posted by DerekAnthony View Post
              he didnt announce at the omlympia cause he didnt want to take away from ronnie retiring at the show! which was a true class act...

              Hell yeah man, hes always been a class act, which is what Ill miss most.....


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                Markus Ruhl

                Retired, farewell!
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                  Did he really?