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ESPN does Hafthor 'The Mountain' dirty in steroid expose

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    George foreman isnt even being clever in his trolling....

    Anyways. I was on the iron mind forums, which is all about strength and there are threads that almost seem to be flaming steroids in strongman. I dont get it. Like any of the top guys arent using them, or that they dont in fact make you better (of course they do).

    Worlds strongest man is all about being the strongest on the planet and pushing the human body to its limits. I want to see an 1100lb deadlift as part of the Arnold next year.

    These guys deserve the utmost respect and ESPN saying that to flame someone as great and friendly to fans as Hafthor, when pro athletes in other sports also use and they just lie, is a fucking joke.


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      Like Nick said in his video, ESPN was pandering to the ignorant who don't realize how widely used AAS are, and who are still flabbergasted to learn that a pro athlete is 'cheating' and using gear.
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        Originally posted by taz devil View Post
        Oh no Ron, you mentioned the word Jewish

        all the fruit cakes with the reptilian overlords being controlled by the Jewish cartel will turn up now

        interesting to listen to Ben Sharpio in re to hate crimes against Jewish people not gaining any traction as they don't support the current narrative of who are worthy victims for mainstream media
        Here come the Anti Semites.


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          Fuck BSPN
          Bull Shit Program Network
          CANCER SUCKS!


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            Originally posted by HeroesFall View Post
            George foreman isnt even being clever in his trolling....

            The simple and documented truth is not trolling comrade, it is just history and the truth.
            Diversity is a code word for White Genocide


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              Originally posted by Ronnie Rep View Post
              Here come the Anti Semites.
              Catch phrases, propaganda, "racist"; the blanket of protection from real open and honest debate, the death of education and learning.

              Is the three minute hate over yet ?
              Diversity is a code word for White Genocide


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                Block please ^^^^
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