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Wasted Metabolism

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  • Wasted Metabolism

    I beginning to think I've seriously fucked my metabolism. I've been dieting on a very low level of calories for many months. I achieved only modest fat loss (reasonably clear abs). I decided to stop my diet a few weeds ago and, to try to maintain my fat loss, I increased my daily calories only slightly--up to 1700 from about 1500. Even this fairly modest increase has seen me gain quite a lot of fat.

    I weight train 4 days a week and do cardio twice a week.

    Does anyone know what the best course of action to fix my sluggish body is?

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    Get a hormonal panel done @ your doc first.


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      Split your meals up into smaller servings. Try to avoid foods that raise insulin sharply, and follow a carb cycling diet.


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        To give you an honest answer there is a lot of information you are leaving out.
        How much do you weigh, your height, your age?
        What does your diet consist of?, meals/ day? macros/ meal?
        What are your goals? cut fat?, build muscle? health reasons?
        With these answers people can help you a lot more.