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X-mas Gift Ideas for Bodybuilders

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    A stocking full of 'juice'
    Life is for leading, not people pleasing it is a race that's never been won


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      Tickets to the ARNOLD CLASSIC! Ive got mine!


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        Originally posted by tjm7275 View Post
        Shit guys, a few months ago I started training the really hot 45 year old cougar at my gym. One thing lead to another and we started sleeping together on the side. She bought me $1000.00 worth of gear and a Breitling Watch. All I had to do was be her boy toy and go to functions and social events with her. It was really cool and she has become a very good friend. My new girlfriend supports me a lot to. She asked what i wanted for X-mas and i said GH, half kidding and she called my guy and ordered a kit. Got it in the other day and was a little bewildered...LOL She was upset because she wanted to surprise me..LOL. She is a great girl though

        dude that so cool you guys trust eachother and she supports what ever you have a passion for ... now thats a true MRS right there my brother..

        man she brought you GH thats a nice gift .. plus its safe and your staying healthy....

        but i want a mrs that hits the gym aleast 5 days a week a lives a healthy lifestlye so i can relate to her ..AKA fitness competitor!!!
        you know why you are training, if you dont get out !


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          Originally posted by WisconsinBB View Post
          I took it as being an actual lump of coal, not a diamond. Would you REALLY fly to NY just to be outside the ceremony? Not sure how tight you are with either of them, but that could be borderline stalker-ish!
          Nah, lol.... just smack talkin. But yeah, John is cool. Always has been, even before I met him here. Wendy? Pffft... how much more perfect can you get? Next to Sally, of course
          "Life is about choices: tap, nap, or SNAP!" ~ Future UFC Lightweight Champion Marcus Hicks


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            I got Arnold tickets the VIP ones and gym bag plus clothes she's the best hell she supports me so much that she even pins me 4 times a week. So im very lucky


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                4 pgs into the thread and nobody suggests the perfect gift yet? Hmm, you folks are slipping.

                An off season "wellness" pro from Brazil , on all 4's under the tree with a bow on her butt!
                I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED