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Statement by Steve Blechman Regarding Dave and John's Termination

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  • Statement by Steve Blechman Regarding Dave and John's Termination

    In light of recent circumstances, I feel it is my responsibility to clear the air and explain ONE of the MANY REASONS why both **** ******* and John Romano were terminated.

    Dave was hired two years ago to be Editor-in-Chief of the Muscular Development website. During the first year, he was instrumental in helping to grow it. During this past year, Daveís interests were focused increasingly on his side businesses of training athletes and launching his supplement line. John was hired by Dave as a paid employee to endorse and promote this supplement line. Because of this, Johnís position as Senior Editor was compromised. Together they were using MD and the website as a vehicle to further their own interests, and as a result, less time was being spent on increasing the websiteís potential and taking it to the next level. During their employment, Dave and Johnís contributions were very much appreciated, and they were well compensated.

    Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editor are full-time positions and we require those who hold these titles to be willing to give their total focus. This was not the case. Dave and John have not worked onsite in the MD offices for over one year, which made working as a team extremely difficult. No one person is bigger than the team as a whole, and anyone who thinks Dave or John built MD is sadly mistaken. We have always had the best team of writers, athletes and employees and will continue on that path. When one door closes, another one opens and usually for the better.

    I love bodybuilding and have always given MD 100 percent and have only had the best interest of the readers at heart. I ask anyone to dispute the fact that I have always been extremely loyal and generous to anyone who has worked for MD.

    We are very excited about having Robbie Durand as the new Editor-in-Chief. He brings passion and incredible scientific knowledge to the site and will do whatever is necessary to meet the same high standards of excellence as Muscular Development magazine. Robbie wants very much to work with everyone in making this a team success. I hope you will welcome him aboard.

    In closing, I want to reassure each of you that we will never compromise our mission and will always look to enlighten and inspire as well as search for new ways to continue to make MD the best bodybuilding magazine and website on the planet!

    MD 2009 MISSION STATEMENT reports the good, the bad and the ugly!! By pulling no punches, we generate a bold, unique stance in the industry by revealing the cold, hard truth. Reality media is the new frontier and leads the way. We provide cutting edge scientific research from the most respected experts in the industry, and up to the minute breaking news. Knowledge is power!! MD is outrageous, MD is controversial, MD is credible and MD is NUMBER ONE!!
    Steve Blechman, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief
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