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Victor Martinez: Drug Testing In Bodybuilding

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  • Victor Martinez: Drug Testing In Bodybuilding

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    He says ( to paraphrase)

    It makes no sense, as there are many more harmful things out there from the pharma companies that are actually killing people.

    There are clinics all over the place, as many are using it these days

    people want to see freaks on stage, and won't pay to see less.


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      I'll stick with what I said a few years ago when Arnold first brought this up....


      They're HIS shows, HES the promoter, its HIS choice whether or not he wants to have the athletes tested. GO FOR IT.


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        Bodybuilding was never and will never be mainstream. drug test was tried in the 90s and most of the guys came in small and smooth.


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          Originally posted by Fella Finn

          Thank you.
          And I do agree with him. It's not the aas per se that are killing people.
          Also when it comes to drugs the same applies to almost any sport on the planet. No one is interested in witnessing mediocrity. Whether it is a purely an amazing physique or some kind of feat of performance the more beyond unbelievable and achievable it is the better.
          Its a ridiculous notion. Smoking and alcohol kill millions of people each year...both legal and encouraged.


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            Arnold already had steroid and diuretic tests at his event, the question is, why removed it? In addition, he has strongman and powers in juice up to the eyebrows, they should not be tested too?

            As Arnold is a politician, perhaps in the future, when his event is too mainstream, he may want remove the pro event and have natural bodybuilding? He is also Rafael's friend, he might want to play the trick of Olympism and have fake drug tests. He already removed his Gold posters, anything is possible.


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              i remember seeing Mike Quinn and Johnny Morant when they tested WWF bodybuilding show they came in fat and pregnant


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                generation iron THE AIDS TO THE BODYBUILDING COMMUNITY , FUCK EM

                ONLY guy wort watcing over there is brad castelberryy a epic troll


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                  Originally posted by a.j View Post
                  generation iron THE AIDS TO THE BODYBUILDING COMMUNITY , FUCK EM

                  ONLY guy wort watcing over there is brad castelberryy a epic troll
                  You praise his documentaries, is there beef between MD and GI?


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                    I don't believe in drug testing, let the huge guys be huge guys, people wanna see freaks, people wanna see the Dorian Yates, Ronnie Colemans, Markus Ruhls and Brandon Curries of the world, and not everyone can build muscles without the help of steroids