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Who are your favorites and why?

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  • Who are your favorites and why?

    The thread about Platz made me think about the pros over time that were my favorites and why. So here are mine in no particular order - not meant to indicate who I think was the best but who I admired and respected in the sport.

    Haney - he may have been my favoritfavorite.s on the cover of the first mag I ever picked up. He is the epitome of class and was a great champion.

    Platz - his passion and intensity are unmatched and motivating to me anytime I hear him speak or see his pics. He decided to maximize what he had and play to his strengths physically, which allowed us to witness lower body development that may never be matched.

    Dorian - Blood and Guts and the black and white pics popped my eyes out of my head. But it was his approach that I was a fan of. He was the beast hidden away in the cellar that even the top guys feared. He was relentless and driven and was serious about living the process to be the best.

    And Ronnie - because he showed us all what was possible at the outer boundaries of the human physique. If ever there was a body that looked like a cartoon superhero it was his. The year after he lost to Gunther when he came out on the Olympia stage it place a bar so high I was just stunned. Not the titles, but the shifting of physical possibility.

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    Good thread topic and decent list you provided to start with.

    Ok, for starters, Frank Zane is my all time favorite pro physique.

    However, considering EVERY factor from physique to personality to character, etc, my favorite pro overall is , Jay Cutler.
    Jay was a 4 time Mr O, but what puts him over the top for me , is how he lived his life and interacted with me and countless fans.

    Jay guest posed at the 2002 NPC La and showed up in great shape. I remember introducing him to my mother-in-law.
    Jay smiled , warmly shook her hand, then said ; " I'm Jay, a special guest. Thanks for coming out. "

    At the night show he greeted fans at a table in the lobby and worked the entire crowd like he was running for office.
    During his guest posing, he literally walked across the audience chairs to pose for fan pics.

    In my OPINION, the sport of bodybuilding needs more "wholesome" image , provided by pros like Jay.
    Yes, he uses his share of " Vit S", but people can look past that IF you conduct yourself with a warm, friendly attitude.

    Lee Haney is another top pro, that comes across as a decent, wholesome man and I really believe he is.
    Again, I think a lack of this kind of image is hurting our sport overall. Just my 2 cents.
    I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED


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      Shawn Ray,one if the best physiques and posers of all time. Spoke out about judging while he competed.

      Jay Cutler a guy who changed the game at the Olympia. Won the title on stage,98 was open, before then. it was 83 when Samir won. An awesome representation of bodybuilding!

      Lee Haney in my eyes the best Mr Olympia ever! Pure class in all areas of life!

      Ronnie Coleman A guy who I saw in-person win 98 NOC and Olympia in ny. A guy who always smiles no matter what Yeah buddy!

      Evan Centopani, A down to earth guy who I was fortunate to talk to over the years. Dude sent me and my son signed pictures and shirts! A guy who lives his family and treats everyone well!

      Sergio Oliva JR, Love his personality and understanding of the history of bodybuilding! Has a good physique and my pick to win the Arnold!


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        Mayor - Evan and Jose both great guys with a great perspective on the sport on general. Good call on Evan.


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          Too many and for different reasons, I suppose that one feels more attracted and identified with the athletes that one meets when one comes to sport, in my case the beginning of the 2000s.

          Magazines still covered some great 90s, but basically all you had was Jay and Ronnie, and then Ray, Priest, Dorian, Flex, Dexter, Ruhl ...

          I wanted to see myself as Jay so he was always my favorite athlete, also because he looked great on the DVDs and his personality was quite attractive to me, when he retired, I lost my fanaticism towards an athlete and that made me see everyone with greater objectivity.

          Nasser achieved the best combination between size and aesthetics, I think that no one has achieved that balance again.

          Flex had the most wonderful physique ever and Ronnie somewhat superhuman, literally an alien.

          Priest was another of my favorites due to his huge arms, making disproportion a virtue.

          In recent years Compton became my athlete to support, too bad he retired soon.

          Nasser, Evan or Dorian could be the most interesting personalities to analyze, all of them very different.


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            Frank Zane's physique is the very definition of bodybuilding aka sculpting the human body. And when bodybuilding strayed too far from this ideal in the last decades, it lead to its fall and in order to survive, it had to get back to chasing the lost aesthetics with the creation of these new divisions for both men and women.