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Ramy didn’t train AT all for 7 months?????

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    Apparently he don't need tons of calories to maintain his massive size, his build and frame are certainly ideal for building muscle and strength.


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      Originally posted by Howard View Post

      I have no doubt that's a true story. It's all too common within our wild west world of hardcore BB.
      Obviously, he's promoting the typical " What IF.." myth .

      For some reason, many hardcore bodybuilders rarely live in the "present reality ".
      The most common phrase is some variation of :
      " Wait and see what I look like when ( or after ) _____________ .

      For example, a friend from my gym , had just won a big , regional national qualifier.
      After he was done with the winner pics on stage, I walked up and gave my congratulations.
      He replied ; " Thanks Howard. Wait and see what I look like at the nationals."

      Fast fwd months later to the nationals and things didn't go as planned.
      The airline lost his bag with the protan and posing trunks and he wasn't as conditioned, etc.

      For the next several months, he was depressed and constantly talked about " what if" with his nationals debacle.

      Hey man, I coulda bin Mr ‘O’ if it wasn’t for this bum knee!

      MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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        Originally posted by Giles View Post

        Hey man, I coulda bin Mr ‘O’ if it wasn’t for this bum knee!
        Most of "dem bros" are going pro on Feb 30th or the 12th of Never
        I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED