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Jordan Janowitz chest 4 weeks from Nationals

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  • Jordan Janowitz chest 4 weeks from Nationals

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    The occurrence of prominent breasts in men is an increasing and serious problem.

    Men also have breasts just like women, the breast tissues stop developing in men due to high testosterone levels in puberty.

    But, for some men breast enlargement is caused due to medical conditions such as gynecomastia.

    It is however a rare problem. The common problem most men face is the occurrence of man-boobs due to excess fat on the chest.

    This problem is most common in bodybuilders who don’t train their lower chest. It results in unequal development; the upper and middle chest have more muscle mass than the lower which makes it seem like man-boobs.

    A lower chest workout can help you develop muscle mass in the lower chest and replace it with stubborn fat cells.