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Ron and Giles 2022 bodybuilding predictions ( newest MD issue)

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    Originally posted by Ron Harris View Post

    Ramon Dino got 5th at his first Classic Physique Olympia - betting he moves up in 2022, and should also do very well at the Arnold coming up. My sources tell me he has a supp contract that's 3-4X more than what Rafael B gets - they LOVE this guy down there!
    After Hadi's fans, Ramon's fans seem the loudest.


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      Originally posted by Beti ona View Post

      After Hadi's fans, Ramon's fans seem the loudest.
      Good pt
      A guy in the top 10 with a dedicated fan base who travels and buys tickets is what promoters love.
      Plus, he's a pro that can sell more products for a sponsor then an unpopular winner.
      I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED