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Dorian Yates On The DANGERS Of Bodybuilding

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  • Dorian Yates On The DANGERS Of Bodybuilding

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    “I think each generation of bodybuilders is pushing the chemical envelope a little bit more, a little bit more… What I am told by people that compete or even don’t compete, they’re just taking it recreationally. I said mate, you’re taking more than I took for Mr. Olympia. You don’t need that.”

    “You’re getting the benefit that you want. The recovery, the muscle building with trying to minimize the negative effects. There is going to be a point when you’re not really getting any positive effects anyway. It’s like a glass of water. Once it’s full, it’s full,” Dorian Yates said.

    Dorian Yates’s comments might make one think that he is a staunch opponent of steroids irrespective of the circumstances under which they’re used. However, that is not the case. Yates explained that steroids or Testosterone Replacement Therapies (TRT) are a great way for older men to lead a healthy life. His sole objection with steroid use is aimed at the young generation that resorts to it as the means to make gains and athletes who take more steroids than recommended by medical experts.

    “Me personally, my advice to you is unless you’re competing, don’t take any steroids unless you’re like past 40 and your testosterone is low and that’s hormone replacement. That’s a different story because that’s good for your health. If your testosterone is low and you put it back to optimal levels, it has tremendous health benefits.”

    “Depression, arthritis, diabetes, heart problems… All these things can be improved by taking Testosterone replacement. So, in that context, it’s very healthy for people.”


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      TRT helps my blood sugar levels!

      Without test, after a couple of weeks my mmol levels climb and I feel like shit.
      MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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        Dorian is often the voice of reason, always enjoy his interviews.
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