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Jamie Pinder about PEDs

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    Jamie teasing some beef, I guess she's desperate for attention.

    Rheta West answer


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      Gina Cavaliero IFBB PRO

      As a professional FBB, I totally disagree. FBB absolutely deserves a stage and a place in the sport. These early shows historically have had low turnouts while Tampa, Chicago and the other later season shows have consistently had higher numbers seeing 20 or 30 athletes. Several of us are also out with surgeries, myself included. Also, three of the 6 shows were international which are more costly to do and travel restrictions may have had impacts too. The domestic shows had better turnouts with the exception of one.

      As to the conditioning not being where it needs to be with some athletes, I have to agree. I think however there is a direct correlation of the conditioning quality and the low numbers. It’s just not as likely that 100% of the three athletes that show up are going to achieve it anymore then 100% of 15 athletes are goin to have the desired condition.

      Should FBB be an option for young athletes to aspire to achieve? Absolutely. I think the fact that more and more WPD athletes are classing up lends credence to that answer. It’s the progressive nature of the sport. Many 212 guys aspire to compete as open athletes so why should it be any different for women? Woman should have the option to continue to grow and class up too.

      Last, some but not all have mismanaged their anabolic use and have developed ‘man face’. I am however seeing a concerning trend recently with some of the younger athletes growing rapidly with significant virilization. It takes years to build a FBB physique if it’s done properly. Rushing growth produces a look the sport doesn’t need to see and compromises health. However should it mean FBB doesn’t deserve a stage? No. It just needs not be rewarded by the judges. It’s not just on the athletes as the judges steer what look they want to see prosper.
      IFBB PRO MiniMel

      I completely disagree. With respect to the shows this year, attendance in wpd has been very low as well (so far) let’s hold judgement to see what the bigger events draw. Women should be allowed to pursue whatever division they choose too. You e said yourself that there are amateur bikini girls on tren - aren’t they doing just as much damage to their bodies? Look at the top female bodybuilders from the peak of the sport - Lenda Murray, Kim Chevesky, Betty Pariso, Laura Binetti - all looking healthily and amazing in their 50s and 60s and most have families. Womens bodybuilding deserves a place in this sport.
      Nicole Gray Meginley

      I will agree, conditioning this season isn't where it needs to be and IMO this is bodybuilding and it's absolutely fine to critique the physiques presented on stage. I see no problem with that whatsoever. Thats what physique sports are about......however, basically insulting and attacking what we look like, how pretty we are (or arent) is just a poor look for you, Jamie. At the end of the day, NOBODY decides what is feminine for another woman. I have never felt more beautiful in my life than I do now so why the fuck should I care or concern myself with what society thinks I should look like?? I've never cared what the general public likes or doesnt like and it sucks to tell young women that they should make their choices based on what random strangers will think. I don't knock people who have had work done on their face, to each their own but isnt it a bit hypocritical to have things put in your face...all that have risks in order to be perceived as more "feminine". Its a personal decision and one I'd never fault you or any woman for but to act as if you are warning young women about AAS use then not acknowledge the image that plastic surgery presents to women is a little skewed.

      As far as the lack of turn out for shows, is it disheartening? Of course it is. I wish there were more ladies competing but life happens, injuries happen etc. I'm finally competing after taking 7yrs off...Would I have liked to do more than 1 show this summer? Sure but BB isn't my career, I have a job and a life outside of BB. Who's gonna cover my travel expenses, hotel, cover my time off at work so I can compete? I'm sure I'm not alone in that. You know first hand there isn't money in this game, so real life comes before competing for many of us. There are many factors to consider when competing and most of them have nothing to do with the actual show. Not to mention, BB is a VERY difficult division. This isn't bikini and figure where your body can withstand prepping through out the year to do as many shows as you can. BB is hard on the body, especially if you're going to bring that level of size and condition.

      Your tag line is to live each day to be who you want to be and this video is literally telling women the opposite. I really enjoyed your channel but this missed the mark, big time.
      I am glad that they brought women's bodybuilding back, and believe it was the right decision. I agree that the reign of Iris Kyle didn't take the division in the best direction. But instead of canceling everything they should have just given the crown to someone else instead of letting her keep it for a decade. Yaxeni, Alina Popa, Lisa Aukland, & Debi Laszweski are just a few examples of athletes who would have been worthy winners and who would have been a breath of fresh air.

      It's true the participation has been very low this year, and that's disappointing. But I don't think we should overreact. The division hasn't been back that long, and it will be a while before the pool of competitors is sizable enough to have deep rosters at each show. Let's see who shows up for the final shows of the year. Right now there are a lot of women recovering from surgery or taking the year off. I think a lot of people are burnt out from competing during COVID. Travel is much harder with gas/airline prices, vaccine requirements, visa issues, etc.

      I also think that for a number of Women bodybuilders, the Rising Phoenix is a bigger priority for them than the Olympia, or at least of equal importance. It's certainly their best opportunity to make money. That might be one factor to explain why the shows later in the season always seem to be the biggest, as the ladies are trying to peak for that show.

      I don't agree with canceling wbb because it encourages drug use. There is use of PEDs in every division, who decides what is too much? A lot of the people who think WBB is too extreme seem to feel the exact same way about women's physique, so I think letting divisions get eliminated for that reason is dangerous. Athletes should be able to choose for themselves, and the fact that physique and figure and bikini are all way more popular with competitors than bodybuilding tells us what sort of choices people are making.
      Women's and men's bodybuilding (for that matter), has always been, and will continue to be an outlier sport. IMO because it is the only sport that openly condones the use of PEDs. I think it is great that you have done so much research on this topic for women, and I feel that you were really a pioneer in coming out and advocating for women who use PEDs, in terms of discussing dosages, and how to cut down on viralization for females. So I'm shocked by this post. First thing..... WPD was created to take the place of FBB. The conditioning standards for this category IMO, are also a direct result of the use of drugs to achieve the ultra ripped look! As you said FBBers dont work out in the gym to get the size they are creating by workouts alone. WPD..... same thing. It's way worse, in terms of the drugs used to acheive that dry road map look, than FBB (IMO). It has killed women. You have said in previous posts that you were one of the pioneers of this dry, ultra conditioned look.How do you feel about doing away with WPD? Should we be promoting THAT to 20 year olds? What about the fat transfers into the glutes to create the look for Wellness? Should we promote that? Because of FBB, a category was created for you to compete in, so you could build a brand and make a youtube channel that you have monetized. Calling Iris Kyle out? Saying that if you are too fat for physique, go into FBB so you can place ? I think you shot yourself in the foot on this one. FBB should stay.
      I found it strange to see so little attendance this year. Some athletes have commented that they would take this year off (Nicki Chartrand, Michaela Aycock or Jeanie Y Welker) or to improve their womens physique, to debut in female bodybuilding in 2023 like ALCIONE BARRETO, Louise Plumb or Angela Yeo. As last year there were more athletes in the competitions and added to the pandemic with visa or covid passport problems and economic inflation, it could have been a factor.

      As for conditioning, in the past there were athletes like female bodybuilder Rita bello or lisa aukland who carried a good package, but I seem to remember that the IFBB stopped looking at that aspect. But athletes like Michaela Aycock, Irene andersen or MONA POURSALEH who have shown good conditioning.

      We will have to see how it evolves for the following competitions and 2023.
      Question for you, Jamie. What then, do you think considering that now the Arnold has now gotten rid of YOUR division (WPD) for pretty much the same reasons that they gave for the removal of FBB (which means that YOU, if you were still competing, wouldn't be allowed to compete at the Arnold as well)??


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        Did she “ Retire” yet? ….


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          Originally posted by MICHAEL ARVILLA View Post
          Did she “ Retire” yet? ….
          Maybe she's pulling a " Tom Brady" ?
          I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED


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            Originally posted by Beti ona View Post

            Rheta West answer

            Rheta is honest and has some serious knowledge and experience with hardcore FBB.

            If she wants to train hard and juice to look like a muscle freak, more power to her.
            Men, do the same thing, by getting juiced to the gills to look like freaks . So I wouldn't take issue with her desire to do that.
            As an INDIVIDUAL, she should be free to do as she pleases.

            However, female contest physique standards and drawing pro fans, is a different issue.
            Truth be told, pro FBB had a very small BUT devoted number of fans.
            Most felt the FBB pros had gone "off the proverbial cliff" by the late 90's.

            However, with the addition of pro divisions, like bikini, wellness, etc, why not add FBB to the mix?!
            The hardcore contest scene will always have a few fans of freaky female bodybuilders.

            Where I disagree with Rheta , is that Jamie is dealing with the unofficial, unspoken aspects of FBB.
            Fair or not, a female is going to be judged more for sex appeal and pretty girls, will be more popular with fans.
            Bodybuilding and the other contest divisions are based on one you LOOK on stage.

            Even within hardcore BB, some can go too far and be rejected.
            Many men have become odd looking with obvious synthol abuse and pregnant looking guts.
            A woman with 5 O'clock shadow and a low, gravely voice, will tend to be viewed negatively.
            Granted, that's a double standard when compared to men, but I'm trying to keep it real here. *It's the No Bull forum!

            In the words of Bob Chic ; " If you look like a science experiment gone bad, you get last."
            Last edited by Howard; June 27, 2022, 06:03 PM.
            I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED