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    Originally posted by Howard View Post
    Accepting one's self is GREAT. But don't expect others to glorify you for being FAT.
    That's the problem, people are not watching and cheering on this woman for being flexible, but because of her obesity acceptance.

    Looking good within some parameters is just as important as having strength, flexibility, and endurance, etc...

    Good health is not just exercise or just diet, as Jack Lalane said, exercise is king, diet is queen, put them together and you have a kingdom.


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      Originally posted by greuc View Post
      That's just a shitty example of body positivity, similar to the guy below who was allowed to step on stage for a fee and affect the image of the NPC and the other competitors' presentation

      One of the comments of the users in this vid says:

      I have competed against this guy at least 3 times here in the state of TN . He does around 4-8 shows a year every year since like 2008 .One year he had 8 SHW class wins because there’s just no SHW’s at NPC level.
      Well, the Nationals fat guy was mocked and criticized, but he's still earning his pass and paying the fees, so who cares?

      The fat yoga chick has thousands of fans.

      I think that obesity is only positive in the fitness world of women.


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        Originally posted by Ron Harris View Post
        On another note, this whole 'fat acceptance' movement is alarming. I am glad overweight people aren't miserable and they seem to have more self-esteem nowadays, but the more recent falsehood they are trying to ram down our throats is that it is HEALTHY to be obese. No it fucking isn't!!!! There is a mountain of evidence that obesity is a huge risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, and many other conditions. Not to mention that if you are morbidly obese and catch COVID, you can pretty much start making funeral arrangements.
        Good post.

        This issue goes way beyond acceptance, tolerance or SELF-respect, etc

        It's the mandatory glorification and admiration that I object to.

        They will claim, they're proud, putting it out there and don't care what others think.

        Ok fine, but why do they get so mad and defensive when anyone disagrees ?
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