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WPD average calories during diet

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  • WPD average calories during diet

    What total calories and the break down between Carbs, Protein and Fat, are most WPD ladies dieting with?
    I stop one else does.

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    The only one I know who is obviously muscular but smaller as far as IFBB WPD contestants go....eats 3000+ calories a day all the way to contest time with heavy carbs (50g+) at every meal. She also works on her feet 8-9 hours a day and has 4 kids. I imagine if she was some sponsored athlete who had no life, she'd be less active and need to eat way less.


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      This is a very open question, there is little information about diets and gear on these women, but from the interviews on the AJ and JB channel, and some other podcasts... the variation between athletes is great.

      I would say that for the of season, 3,000-5,000 would be the range, and for the cut, between 1,500 and 3,000.


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        I was only asking because I was looking at some pics from one of the recent shows, and my wife had asked how many calories do they eat a day to get that ripped. My thought was around 2000.
        I stop one else does.


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          2000 calories may be a good average, some girls will have to go lower but I suspect most could get away with 2500-3000


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              If Shelby is prepping her 1100


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                too soon


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                  Originally posted by Griff11 View Post
                  If Shelby is prepping her 1100
                  dont forget the 100mcg of T3 and loads of bumax
                  SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY
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