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Dorian Or Heath.....who is greater?

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    It is funny both as a fan and as a judge, you know the criteria but the real criteria is the eye test. In almost every show your eye is drawn to one or two physiques that just stand out from the rest.

    I know it is commonplace for folks to compare pose by pose and say who "wins" each pose, but that isn't how judging happens or is even intended. The majority of judging 1-x occurs during the quarter turns. You've got it narrowed down to the top 3 by the time you are halfway through mandatories. The rest is the hair splitting.
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      Phil was damn good. I'm giving it to Dorian. Dorian made everyone's jaw drop in 93. The Olympia and the black socks shoot. Dorian changed the game.


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        dorianbdb.jpg when I speak I expect you peasants
        to listen


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            Originally posted by Bestia View Post
            I think of this comparison similar to what was seen for Dorian vs Flex. Crazy round and cartoonish but narrow clavicles and separated but not shredded.

            We know how that went down back in the day and I think the result here would be similar. While I think Ronnie is the GOAT stage physique but Dorian is so sorely underrated in my opinion because he has such a comparative freak factor

            I think he physique actually looks better in a lineup than by himself standing alone
            I think Dorian was better built than Phil, we love arm and shoulder freks, but back and legs should be bigger and the limbs smaller.

            Haney had a massive back, arms and shoulders weren't too big. Now we see the opposite, lots of massive shoulders and arms and underdeveloped backs.


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              Legs win the crowd, back wins the show in a close show