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How is Derek Lunsford so wholesome?

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    Originally posted by lifepulse View Post

    Even the "talks a lot about God" thing -- usually annoys me (I'm an atheist -- I don't care if somebody else is religious, but the public brandishing of it always annoys me a bit) -- but even there, Derek's religiosity seems very authentic and he doesn't present it in a way that seems "holier than thou". Like, almost too good to be true -- "I give all glory to God" is so cliche, but Derek's way of handling it seems both authentic and classy. So wholesome.

    I haven't spent the time to view many of Derek's videos but
    I always got positive vibes from him . I'm sure some of his good guy image is part of his public , fan image .

    But , like you , I honestly believe he's unusually "wholesome" for the seedy world of hardcore BB.
    It's kinda crazy that a normal , wholesome guy is viewed with suspicion. But , this is pro bodybuilding with very few genuine people. Most seem to manufacture a new persona as they build their body .
    I saw a star, reached for it...and MISSED