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The craziest bodybuilding poser of all time

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    And he could entertain for 4 minutes
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      Originally posted by Griff11 View Post
      If just crazy well I'd say Dan Padilla 's toad man thing. That was crazy in the worst way
      Aaaahh yes, the old WBF started by pro wrasslin' guru Vince McMahn circa 1991 and belly up after 1 more horrible show in '92 .
      The Padilla dance and flex thru the mushrooms and toadstools was so terrible ,it was memorable.

      The craziest routine I ever saw was at the La state where a guy in the over 50, came out to the " Lion Sleeps Tonight" by Robert John.
      For starters he came out crawling on all 4's swaying to the music. A min into the routine, he got on his back and started humping up/down to the beat.
      After a few energetic humps, his left nut popped out of his loose fitting trunks. They cut his music and the lights, so he slowly walked off stage in the dark.

      He got on his sweats and came from backstage, heading straight for the head judge with a pissed off look.
      I was seated with the panel to the right of the head judge, so I "intercepted " him.
      I told him, we had to cut his song and lights because the ladies got too excited and had their kids with 'em .
      He shouldn't worry , because he was still in the top 3* ( There were only 3 in his class and he got 3rd )
      With a serious voice, I informed him , if I ever promoted another show, I'd like him to do a guest spot.
      Of course, I made him promise , to do the same routine.

      He gave me a quick bro hug with a thumbs up and walked off.
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