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More gear to gain new issue or more gear to hold onto gains during dieting?

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    Originally posted by Beti ona View Post

    The key is to find the point where you achieve the maximum with the minimum, GEAR, hours of cardio, sets for each muscle, grams of protein, etc...

    3 grams of GEAR (or protein per pound of weight) may be better than 1 gram, but 5 grams may not be better than 3 grams.


    I remember an interview with Greg Kovacs back in the late 90’s when he was all over every issue of Robert Kennedy’s stuff. Greg was asked about the extremes he went to to achieve his supposed 400+ lbs off season. He said that he had come to a point some years earlier where he could hold steady and not really push it with the massive caloric and drug intake (they skirted the PED question, but it was obvious to what they were referring), but it was his desire to get the absolute MAXIMUM gains that drove his routine. He stated plainly that doubling one thing or another MIGHT only give him an extra 5%, but 5% here and 3% there add up over time.

    While that may be the case, there is absolutely a point of diminishing returns, especially in a sport like professional bodybuilding. Unfortunately, that mindset has really taken hold in these days of extremes and we are now seeing the answer to John Ramano’s infamous question: “Where are all the bodies?”

    I’m confident that the last decade has done MORE than enough to satiate his curiosity.


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      A lot of people think that more is better. With ECA, its not always that. 200 and 50 ephedrine mg/day has less sides that 400-100 mg/day, and doesnt necessarily mean youll lose double, or really much more than with the half.


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        Of course you can do too much. You can drink too much water also.