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Podcast: Bonac with Roelly

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  • Podcast: Bonac with Roelly

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    Ooh nice! The two Dutch Beasts!

    I remember back in 2010 when I first began working with MD and I paid my own way to go to Rotterdam to get some cool shots and content for my Euro-Muscle Scene column.

    Anyway, the one EVERYONE was talking about then was Roelly but a Dutch mate of mine came over with Berry DeMey to say hi and he pulls me aside and says “Roelly is great Giles but mate, there’s ANOTHER guy across town that isn’t even pro yet and he could be even better and go even further than Roelly! His name is “Bonac’! William Bonac! You HAVE to see this guy!”

    The first time I saw William onstage was when I was covering the 2011 Arnold Classic for and was shooting the amateur and out he came in the heavyweights and my guy was RIGHT!! Bonac was incredible!!

    He placed 3rd in the under 100kg’s behind champ Alexei Lesukov (Russia) & runner-up Thomas Bures (Czech Republic), both of whom went on to turn pro, William turned pro in Holland at the Juliette Bergman Classic in end of 2011 & then 2012 did a number of 212 shows, which I saw him compete in at in Dallas, Manchester and Prague.

    Then he switched to Open and well, we ALL know the rest!
    MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-


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      What a crazy thing, bonac does not won any show at 212


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        he's lost a lot of weight since his prime william should retire and look after himself..


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          Originally posted by Beti ona View Post
          What a crazy thing, bonac does not won any show at 212
          I saw him compete as a 212 at Dallas, UK & Prague mate. He did top 5 in all of them but the last two shows he was up against prime Flex Lewis, Jose & Correia so the best of the best!

          He fought well against them too.
          MD Global Muscle Radio ep.40-