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How would Justin Compton do?

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    Originally posted by Bestia View Post

    The reason I started this thread was that I saw a YouTube video with him in it and I realized that I think I "missed" his pro career. I remember when he turned pro and I remember hearing that he retired, but I don't remember him competing onstage as a pro. So I went back and looked at some of his footage. While not pretty looking cartoonish round like Phil, her was definitely freaky cartoonish. I think he would have done very well.
    It was sort of the Dallas vs Compton race those years, Dallas seemed to get a bit more hype but I always felt Compton had more potential. I met Compton at the 15 Olympia, I weighed 300lbs and Compton, in a tank top, made me look anorexic, he was so bubbly and round. His calves, arms, delts, even quads were all super round and bubbly, and his back and chest weren’t that far off.


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      Originally posted by lifepulse View Post

      Meaning, the handful of regional and national competitors I have seen Compton prep, all of them had stupendous conditioning, Compton seemed to have a great eye and know every trick to get his competitors into amazing condition, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was able to get himself in great condition too.
      I've always heard positive things about Justin's boys, although he hasn't been promoted much on the social, he has a good reputation in the real world.

      Condition was never a problem for Justin, but just tried to fill up and ruined his abd distension.


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        The more I see old footage of this dude, I think he would be top 4 at this year's Olympia.