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  • Metabolism

    Everyone talks about your “metabolism” and that revving it up helps you lose weight. Well then how do you rev up that metabolism of yours?

    Some ways are to drink enough water every day – those 8 glasses will raise it up faster than if you only drink 4 glasses.

    Eating more protein will help as your body burns twice as many calories digesting protein versus carbohydrates. Double the protein you eat and reduce your carbs to make up for the extra calories and burn up to 200 calories more a day.

    All those spicy food lovers will like this one . Studies show that eating spicy food like chili peppers (sprinkle red pepper flakes into pasta dishes, chili and stews) revs up your metabolism and can make you feel full longer.
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    I think I have a very fast metabolism, my problem is building up more mass. Good info though...
    Check out before getting ripped off!


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      Ectomorph checking in.


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        No excuses, you hear it all the time,, blah blah blah metabolism, blah blah blah.

        Ha get out their eat good, lift good. look good.


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          metabolism is something that matters when you're getting contest ready basically you're metabolism drops out near the end if you do it well causing your body to try to store fat so you cant get contest ready its something that really has to be fought
          "STAND PROUD! Whether youre seated, standing or even laying on your back" - Ben Pak


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            We need to boost up the process of metabolism. Because raising your metabolism ensures greater calorie burning, which in turn, helps you to lose weight.