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Bi's with back and tri's with chest?

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  • Bi's with back and tri's with chest?

    Little confused, most bb lit I read (including MD, of course), suggests training bi's with back and tri's with chest, and while I can see the merit in training this way, wouldnt one get better results from doing just the opposite? Then each group would get a full, fresh workout, especially if adding in a day for arms and shoulders by themselves in addition.

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    reason is simple, when you do any kind of bench press, your tricep is also getting a workout, so you might as well work them out at the same session.

    when you do many back exercises your biceps are also getting a workout. BB row, chin ups, low row pulleys, etc.

    The program i just got done w/ (10weeks) was Chest/Tri on monday, legs/lower back on tuesday, wed off, upper back/bis on thursday, shoulders/traps on friday


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      I switch between the two the generic thing is to do chest/tris and back/bis which as said above is more than acceptable due to how they re used in other exercises. However like you said you would argue that it would be more beneficial to do back/tis and chest/bis because that way they are fresh so really its personal preference. Personally if you have time train arms on there own and chase that crazy pump.
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        i have a friend who use to do tris with back and bi's with chest. it seem weird to me since im use to the chest and tris and back and bi's but hey to each his own. I was told that when doing chest your working your triceps regardless same for back and biceps.
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          I dont like to do back and bi's because my lower back is pretty fucked up after deadlifts or hypers then to go and do say standing bar curls and stuff, it's not very comfortable.


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            The principle behind it is simple... Push day (chest/tris) since you are pushing weight away from you. Pull day (back/bis) since you are pulling the weight towards your body.


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              Either is fine and both have their benefits.

              Google 'training antagonist muscles' and have a read up on it.


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                Did Back and Tris today to see how they went. I discovered you actually use a lot of tricep when doing stiff arm pulldowns. Ended up being a sub-par workout for both tris and back. Won't be doing that again.


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                  I used to do chest and triceps as well as biceps and back. but once i got done and started doing the arms i felt weaker. so switched chest/bis and back/tris it felt better as i wasn't feeling weak. But now i got one body a day and i do arms on a completely dif day from the back and chest. feels so much better.


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                    Its hard session to mix them all into the same workout, but give it a try, Difficult as u work out your bis while doing back. then your tris while doing almost everything haha