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Lifting plus army pt

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  • Lifting plus army pt

    How can I balance both of these out without overtraining my chest

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      That is a tough thing to do bro (pt+your own workouts) I found that if I did gym stuff on my pt off days I was ok, I condensed two-3 body parts into a workout. Went 2-3 times a week. The big thing that you have to remember is if it is sore then you shouldn't lift it. Where are you stationed? Thanks for serving!
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        I have a similar question gf is in the army and needs to cuz weight in 8 days...she said she needs to lose 12 lbs by the 10th. Her sgt(don't get me started), told her to drink 2 slim fast drinks a day, water and at dinner only eat a small salad with some vegetables.
        A little background on her: she pt's Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. She rides her bike to college, 1 mile round trip and works out in the evening.
        I personally think what her sgt recommended her to do for a diet is ridiculous and she is Going to really mess up her body and health.
        What are your thoughts/opinions?


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          that's tough...I wish I could help you out. Sorry


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            Easy, score a 300 on your APFT then they will leave you alone to do whatever you want. I've been doing that since 2004!


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              Army PT isn't that challenging to begin with, just mild cardio. Train as normal and just cut out your cardio, use ur army PT to replace cardio sessions.