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How often do you hit the gym per week vrs doing cardio

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  • How often do you hit the gym per week vrs doing cardio

    Examply I go tothe gym MTRS normally 45 minutes at full speed... i run 2 to 3 days a week for 3 miles

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    Depends on current goals. I normally do a couple of Muay Thai sessions a week regardless. If I'm lean bulking then cardio is minimal. If I'm cutting I'll try to add a 40 min cardio session in 3 or 4 mornings a week, and weight in the evening.


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      I get my cardio from grappling and maybe some tempo runs for recovery. Screw long distance running, lol. I only use long distance cardio to build aerobic conditioning (if necessary), not for leaning out. HIIT and resistance training, along with a balanced diet (that fits the individual) is the best way to lean out. Long distance cardio is for building an aerobic base (at least in my case). Plus, running blows! So I'll avoid it at all cost!


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        Since my resting heart rate is about 42-46 bpm, I benefit more from using light cardio as a recovery tool, rather than conditioning or leaning out tool. HIIT and grappling translate more into the type of conditioning I need for my sport