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Submit your stories for the upcoming Transformation...

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  • Submit your stories for the upcoming Transformation...

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to give a preliminary alert. The next Transformation Challenge is going to kick off this December. Look for Dave, Mr. G, Gerard Dente, and Victor Martinez to be making more formal announcements shortly.

    Big things are coming, including a second division for those of you who train and train, but just cannot get past a plateau.

    Transform your physique, change your life, you may also win something special for doing so

    Get your stories and photos together for submission to enter. Details to come.

    "The only lack or limitation is in your own mind."


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    Hello my name is Johnathon Parsons. I was working out to loose weight back in Febuary of '07. I didn't get really serious about lifting weights and developing my body untill around September. Well 3 months later I'm impressed with my results. I'm in a cutting phase until the official beginning of spring. My goal for right now is to lose the fat on my sides. I started out at 270 lbs. and currently I'm 270 lbs. However, I've put on so much muscle mass in the last 3 months I have lost 3 inches off my waist line and lost fat around the bottom portion of my torso. Pictures are soon to follow to show my development.


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      Uhh - My name is Jimmy, I was fat, not I'm not. I got muscles. In my pick you can see I'm picking up a car with an extra 300lbs in the trunk. Did I mention I use to be fat?

      Did I win?
      You wouldn't know what fun was even if it beat the shit out of you. -Big Jimsty


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        Ummm.... really, did I win?

        You wouldn't know what fun was even if it beat the shit out of you. -Big Jimsty


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          ok as of now i am on nothing. i have been recovering
          from a bad fall had a broke neck and back surgery. and was laid up for all most 4 years. b4 that i was 220,lb- 6'1"
          about 9%BF. now i have gained fat, as i was not able to move much for years. my diet is high protein low carb now for all most 2 years. i did loose 20lb in the first year of trying to loose .even my doctor cant figure out why i am not loosing. i am in the gym 6 days a week for 1-2hr i will lay it out for you if you like but it is just a DC routine. cardio 2days a week for at least 1 hour or so. i have to tell you i have bad knees so intense cardio hurts like hell. i try to keep my hart rate around 145.when doing cardio.
          i would like to be cut again and be 245lb+ and 9%Bf. my doctor says im getting old and every thing starts to slow down with age and to just do what i can and be happy with that. sorry thats not me. i dont lay down for no one. they also told me i would not lift over 40Lb. here is my diet. i just change the food up i little so its not getting to old but this should help.

          AND LET ME GUESS!! i live to dam far away !! for this ( alaska)


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            first shot and now back shots
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              Continuing the transformation

              I started out @ 278 lbs of crap. For the last 3 months I've used only two products to help me cut down to 244 lbs. Muscletech's Hydroxycut Hardcore, and Syntha-6. I changed my eating habits, and lifestyle in order for me accomidate the weight loss. At this I do not have any current pictures taken, however I will have some posted. It's amazing the results that I have gotten just by simple hard work and determination. Plus the fiance' is diggin it as well.


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                if any body wanna see my transformation u can look here


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                  Muscular Development Forum Rules :.

                  This Post May be found offensive & may contain offensive material, consider yourself advised.


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                    Damn nice work!!!


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                      My Transformation

                      Attached are a total of five pictures. Two of them where taken March of 2007. In those pictures I was 200 pounds with a 33 1/2 inch waist. The other three pictures are of me August 8th of 2008. It was a day before my compettion and I weighed 210 with a 29 1/4 inch waist.
                      When I took the two pictures in March of 2007, I was extremly discouraged. I dreamed of one day to step on stage at the Mr. Natural Olympia and so badly wanted to call myself a "natyral pro bodybuilder." But it seemed I couldn't even get lean enough to have abs let alone be a competive natural bodybuilder. So I then seeked the help of John Hansen and worked with on my diet and training.
                      Fast forward a year later I am have competed in two natural pro-qualifing shows and have made some huge improvements. None of this would not be possible without the passion I have for bodybuilding and the knowledge I have gained from doing it. I have learned to always try to make improvements with everything I do- bodybuilding, grad school, teaching, etc.- and work hard in making such improvements.
                      In closing I would like to thank the people in my life that have made my transformation possible. Thank you John Hansen for doing an exceptional job of working with me and giving the tools to succeed. Thank you Bryan Aiello for always being there for me, even if that means coming to my first show in pain while being seated in a wheel chair. Lastly, thank you Laura Maitland (mom) for all your loving support and inspiration. All three have a special place in my heart and have impacted my life immensely.

                      Thank you MD,

                      Erik Schlick
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                        Thanks for the news!


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                          hey im jacob and 2 years ago i was topping the scales out at 220 of fat . i started football and lited weights that whole first year i had lost so much fat and gained muscle to where i look a whole lot better i can breath a whole lot better . ever since then ive never doubted weights and bodybuilding because ut had change my body to a new person to where im the strongest one in my class.'' NEVER DOUBT CHANGE CAUSE CHANGE MAYBE BETTER'' and now i believe this quote.