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Any beginners need help, just ask

This is a sticky topic.
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  • What's a good calorie base for a 56-year-old dieting female? I currently weigh 147 at 5'4". What would be a good goal weight too? Thanks.



    • sorry ... but ever since the beginners section got burrried in all these subsections the whole beginners section died out so im rarely on here... feel free to post up a little more info and i surely can give you some advise.. thanks..
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      • Hey Alex,

        Thanks for getting something rolling for intro body builders like myself. You know I have been training for a while but really just started to learn the art (for lack of a better term). In the past 4 or 5 months I have challenged myself in the gym with a constant work out schedule and have seen some great results!

        In the new year I plan on locking down my diet. I have been looking on websites and reading blogs etc. and it seems like it's all generic eat oatmeal for breakfast, 2 shakes a day and two or 3 meals with chicken, turkey or fish with rice and veggies.

        Just wondering if you could help me out with a website or a template that could direct me in building a not so boring diet.

        Thank bro for helping us all out. (hoping you still check this out)

        Merry Christmas and Peace!


        • Hey Alex, i havent really ever gotten a clear cut answer on this since ive been working out and have done many searches on it but to conflicting answers

          Some people tell me its better to have a post-workout meal, whiles others say a liquid meal like Vitargo w/ whey isolate is the best
          when i diet down i always just has BCAA's post worokout but when i bulk i usually have BCAA's intra and whey with fast-acting carbs afterwards.

          So if i could get a clear answer on that id apprechiate it.

          Thanks a lot for taking time out to read this


          • Hey Alex, saw you on the beginners forum and hope you can help.

            I'm on a cut at the moment and need advice with diet and help with supplements.


            Morning - 2 Eggs scrambled, 1 slice wholemeal brown bread
            Snack - Protein shake
            Pre workout - DY NOXPUMP
            Post workout - Protein Shake
            Lunch - Bowl of salad with chicken
            Snack - Hand full of almonds
            Dinner - 1/4 plate of carrots, 1/4 plate of broccoli, 1/2 chicken breasts or steak
            Snack - fruit, protein shake

            Only have one cheat day per week and thats just adding carbs with all meals

            What are your views on that diet ?

            Could you recommend a really good whey protein shake low in carbs, fat and added BCAA

            Thanks in advance


            • Hi,i'm not a beginner,kinda do my own thing with some free weights that I have at home.I weigh 175lbs,I'm 5'8,i bench 275lbs six times (can bench 325lbs one time),curl 155lbs five times.I don't take supplements,but my question is how do I get stronger,i want to bench in the high 300s and weigh over 200lbs?


              • Hi Alex A. I am a noob to the forum and I wanted to shoot you a note on this thread.
                I am a recent beginner seeking to attain a six pack. I am 59 145lbs. I have been going to the gym for three months now 6 days a week. I went from 155lbs to 145 lbs currently. I am seeking pointers to confirm diet, cardio and exercising.
                My diet is clean. No Soda in four months, only water, no fast food, nothing processed. I eat turkey, whole wheat, egg whites, cereal, PB&J on rice buns, Pasta, steak 2x month.
                My cardio is fine. I burn 400-700 Cal with incline; run on average 4-6 miles every other day.
                I believe I need help on work out routines. What works well? I am only targeting the same musscle group right now. I do sit ups and push ups. May you please point me in the right direction and/or pm advice? I really want to get this six pack developed. Thanks


                • What can I do to expand my inner biceps? Squats is for the chest right?


                  • anyone familiar with york ISO-grip Olympic plates?

                    looking to buy some
                    are they wider at the hub than traditional plates? take up more space on the bar so you can't get as many of them on?
                    Originally posted by bolsen
                    Whatever you do, don't take a screenshot and post that pm...


                    • this clown makes me howl:


                      an entire 300 pound set with a bar costs $225 brand new
                      he wants $100 for these two anchors

                      don't be this guy
                      Originally posted by bolsen
                      Whatever you do, don't take a screenshot and post that pm...


                      • i have questions about keto diets for leaning out..i was wondering what a good meal plan would be. id really appreciate it! thanks


                        • im thinking of giving a pre-workout supplement a try for a few weeks to see if it helps improves my workouts! but im just wondering what is the best one around at the moment ive heard jack3d is supposed to be good as is 1.MR by bpi and no explode! so appriciate any advice on which of the 3 is best or if a pre workout supplement is even worth taking! thanks


                          • Guys how do I start a thread about my experience at this year's Mr O? Thank you!


                            • I need someone to help start me off with workouts and a schedule because i really want to get big but i just need the help to start me off..


                              • Hey Alex! This may be way off your skills but I just thought I'd ask.

                                Age: 21
                                Gender: Female
                                Weight: 240 lbs
                                Height: 5' 4"

                                As you can see in my picture I do not look 240 lbs. I do have the build of a man even though I am a female. I'm not sure if you can offer any advice since I am a female.

                                I want to trim my fat off especially around my stomach. I also want to tone and strengthen my muscles.
                                I'm trying to get into MMA fighting so I really don't care that I would have abnormally large muscles for a female. I'm also considering body building shows.

                                I've looked into T Bomb II and also Hydroxycut Advanced Pro Series. I'm not sure whether to take the hydroxycut first then come back with the T Bomb or both at the same time or just the T Bomb alone.

                                I'm also wondering if you had any advice about an exercise or diet plan as well.

                                Thank you so much even if you can't help!

                                <3 Lindsay