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I eat lots of hotsauce, jalapenos, spicy stuff in general....

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    Make the best at home

    Hey All

    I thought the following might be useful.

    A Mexican friend of mine made the BEST salsa... just plain old peasant salsa like (literally) mama used to make and he gave me the recipe...

    It is soooo easy and soooo quick and you have total control over the caloric/sodium input. (Hell, I can make it and I have been known to screw up when boiling water!)


    4-6 tomatoes
    1 big onion
    2-3 cloves of garlic
    1 big bunch of cilantro
    As many red chillis as you like (I like it blazing and use multiple habenero or chipotle).

    Anyway, it turns out the secret to the flavour is to BURN EVERYTHING except the cilantro...

    so get a frying pan, put in the tomatoes (whole), onion (cut in half), garlic cloves (peeled but whole), and chillis (whole) and literally sear them until they have black burns all over them. (Tomato skins may peel off but just scrape them up and throw them in the blender too)

    Now throw it all in a blender with the raw cilantro and blend it to a puree.

    Add lime juice and/or salt to taste if you really want to. (I don't but you may want to).

    By the way, this is ALWAYS better the next day (don't know why but it is)!

    A little goes a long way and it tastes great in a vegetable broth, or you can dip celery into it, throw it on/in tuna/chicken/steak/rice ... Hell, you can do anything except bathe in it (I tried... it was ugly... not recommended!)

    Anyway, I hope that makes the diet a little more interesting.
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      wow to burn everything and it still be good??? HMMMMMMMMMM
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        I Love EVERYTHING to be spicy! ~
        I put cayenne on my eggs plus add hot sauce, I add chili flakes to almost everything I cook, and a sandwich just ain't a sandwich unless it has hot peppers on it!

        If you love Hot Stuff as much as I'll love Chili Garlic Sauce!!!

        This is the BEST brand for this type of chili sauce.

        The Asian section of most grocery stores should have it.
        If you can't remember the name - just remember the Green Cap & Rooster.



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          I LOVE hot sauce. my grandfathers on both sides of the family made hot sauce by coincedence. I love anything from the south or mexico. asian hot sauces..ehh not so much.
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