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First post, question.

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  • First post, question.

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first post on this site, i bought this months issue of MD and cant get enough of it. What a great magazine, so much good info. I will try to keep this short. Currently im on a Goverment job that doesnt allow me the best schedule to work out. I work 24 hours straight, have the next day off then the next day i have half of it off then go to work that night at midnight and start over again. So its a wierd schedule.

    Currently what i do is on my days off i hit the gym, then the next day (half day off) i do cardio. My cardio has to be up for my job and i get tested on it frequently. Im 5*8 160 pounds, not fat at all but obviously im not a huge guy. I have worked out for a while but my cardio is what has held me back from being "big", just recently have i pulled back on the cardio so i could gain more muscle.

    For about 3 months i have been doing my upper body in the gym on my off day, then my lower body workout would be with my cardio on my half off day - hills, steps, bike etc. I have gained more muscle and def. look more musclular then i did three months ago. But, from what i have read on here just tonight, my workout seems way off from everyone elses, here it is.

    Gym day 2 or 3 days a week


    Standing Curls w/dumbells
    Skullcrushers w/dumbell
    Hammer curls w/dumbell
    Tri pull downs w/cables
    Sitting curls w/BI cable machine
    Tri pull downs w/rope

    End with pull ups (palms facing me, or palms facing each other to work BI's) Start with 12 then 10 then 8 then 6 then 4 then 2.

    Take 10-20 minutes to do AB's then move to chest and shoulders.

    Chest and Shoulders

    Front raises w/dumbells
    Flat bench
    Overhead shoulder press
    Incline bench
    Shoulder raise machine
    Pushups (2 minutes)

    This is basically what i do, im sorry if i didnt call them all by the right name.

    Thank you for any input.

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    Monday Push:
    DB incline 3x12
    Incline cable fly 3x10
    Military Press DB 3x10
    cable laterals 3x10
    M dips 3x8
    tri ext 6x10

    Tuesday Pull:
    Rows DB or BB 4x6
    Lat pulls 4x10
    DB curls 6x8

    Wednesday Legs:
    Squats 5x6-8
    SLDL 4x8
    Standing calves 5x10

    Thursday OFF/CARDIO

    cable flys 2x15
    cable laterals 3x15
    Rear delts 2x15
    rows 2x15
    lat pulls 2x15
    curls 3x12
    Tri ext 3x15

    leg press or hack squat 4x15
    Hamstring curl 5x12
    Standing calves 5x15




    Upper 1
    100% volume push
    50% volume pull

    Lower 1
    100% volume quad dominant
    50% volume Hamstring dominant


    Upper 2
    50% volume push
    100% volume pull

    Lower 2
    50% volume quad dominant
    100% volume Hamstring dominant


    100% Push Day/ 50% Pull Day
    Push: (Pectoralis Major,Deltoids and Triceps Brachii)

    1. Barbell Bench Press 4x6-8
    2. Dumbbell Incline Press 4x10-12

    1. Barbell Military Press 4x6-8
    2. Cable lateral raises ( side) 3x10-12

    1. Skull crushers 3x8

    1. T-Bar rows 3x12
    2. Medium/close Front pulldowns 3x12

    Lower 1
    100% volume quad dominant
    50% volume Hamstring dominant

    ATG Squats 4x6
    split suuats or front squats 3x10
    SLDL 3x10
    Stranding calf raise 4x12

    50% Push Day/ 100% Pull Day
    Push: (Pectoralis Major,Deltoids and Triceps Brachii)

    1. T-Bar Rows 4x 8
    2. Front pulldowns 4x 10
    3. Dumbbell Rows 3x 6

    1. Barbell Curls 4x8

    1. Barbell Incline Press 3x12
    2. CGBP 3x10-12

    1. Dumbbell Military Press 3x12

    Lower 2
    50% volume quad dominant
    100% volume Hamstring dominant

    Dead Lifts 4x6
    Glute ham raises 3x10-12
    Lunges 3x10-15
    Seated calf raise 3x12

    Keep in mind you are not locked into these reps and sets, they are just a recommendation/example. For Bodybuilding 6-12 reps are best, for power lifting and Olympic lifting 3-6 reps is best, with some single work also