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Supplementation question

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    Wow this thread came back after a 4 year layoff.
    I stick to very simple supplementation. Protein aside, creatine monohydrate and beta alanine
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      thats good but its not good to stay on creatine for a long time as with anything. your body becomes immune to its benefits. I like straight mono hydrate myself. there is so much fake crap on the market these days


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        I worked at vitamin world for years. The vitamin world brand whey was made in the exact same factory as the higher-end, name brand, proteins. This info is approx 4 years dated. At that time, Vitamin World was buying some of the name brands. What I learned from this experience was to keep it basic and not succumb to label-hype. Not promoting Vitamin World at all, this is just one of prob many instances where the lesser name-brand is the same quality as hyped-up brands. DailyVitamin, Fish Oil, Whey, & Creatine are solid. If you are able to get plenty of protein each day from whole food (hi amino profile sources), one could even skip the whey no problem.


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          Its depend on person to person, i use it during workout and after along with my creatine and protein. If i didn't had preworkout supplement then i would use it prior to workout as well. I normally take 3-5g per serving.