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I need some links to diets

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  • I need some links to diets

    I could really use some link to diets to help me lose weight. If you have any, or know where they are, let me have them.

    I am 27 5'10'' 193 at 12%bf. I just having trouble getting the rest off. I'd like to get down to 180, I'd be looking good at 180!

    I lift 5x a week, 1 bodypart a day. I do cardio 5x a week after weights for 30 mins plus an extra 3x in the morning on empty stomach for a total of 8x a week

    I lift for reps of 10-12, with emphasis on contraction/squeeze. I'm done lifting heavy untill I can drop some more weight.

    An diet plans would sure be appreciated!

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    Have a look at the the site above. Free PDF download.
    By Chuck Rudolph of Scivation.
    They also have a couple of others - The Lean Mass Diet / The Lifestyle Cut Diet.
    Hope it helps, and good luck.



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      wow, that will be a good read when I have extra time.