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A week off

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  • A week off

    Hey all!

    Been at it for 4 straight months and I am considering a rest period. If I do this what kind of adjustments does one make to thier protein, carb and supplement intake?

    I drink a iso whey protein drink pre and post WO and then one sometime before bed.

    Also Xtend BCAA pre, durring and post WO, should the Xtend be dropped?

    Then finally Glutamine pre, post and before nighty night time.

    I keep a strict food regime in accordance to my body wieght in which I am 200lbs 15% BF with a goal of 10% BF.


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    Personally, whenever I take time off, I just reduce my cals a little. I keep protein really high, but I'll just eat a little less carbs and fats. I usually discontinue any supps that I'm on except the protein powder and multivitamins. That's just me, though, I don't think it'll hurt you at all if you keep taking the BCAA's. If anything, it'll probably just help your body maintain the muscle mass. Good idea to take a week off if you've been busting your balls for a while. Good luck bro.


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      When I take time off I give myself a rest from supplements as well. I usually stop with any supps outside of a protien shake in the AM, a multivitamin, and fish/flax oil. For me, It's as if my body kind of tells me that it doesn't need as much nutritional support when I'm not training. One trap that I fall into when taking time off is not eating clean. Training keeps my honest, I sometimes catch myself wanting something bad when I'm training regularly and I often think to myself "you just busted your ass in the gym, now your going to ruin it by eating crap???" It helps me make the right decision.


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        Appreciate your responses

        This seems like sound advice and I am always fending off over indulging on sweets or too many peanuts. Otherwise I am pretty good at preping some good meals for the day.

        Thanx again


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          a week off ? why? a week off is a week can not get back. if you feel "over trained" lighten up for a week, less weight,less reps,less time in the gym,but to stop for a week seems to me like lost time.


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            4 Months straight!...i`m all for you taking 7 to 12 days off....during this time you should cycle your protein,3 days low(100 grams) with 3 days high(250-300 grams).