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Cardio, post-workout or different time of day?

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  • Cardio, post-workout or different time of day?

    Hey, everybody I have been doing evening workouts with about an hour and a half of weights and 45 min of intense cardio-HIIT I think that is what it is called. Well my question is should I move my HIIT to the morning and replace the dog walking and just lift at night or just leave it the way is. My stats 6'1 260 ~17% bf Thanks

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    It all depends on your goals, to drop serious weight do it first thing in the morning for about an hour and then like 15 min after your pm workout but remember to eat right to keep your body burning all day and increase your protien to spare some muscle.

    dear god that was a run on sentence.
    Train like you have sex.......Raw and Hard


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      Hey Im not an english teacher haha. I would love to compete someday so that is a big goal of mine. Short term wise I would like to get to 225 In the next 60 days, my diet is at about 2250 cals a day.

      Daily Workout- AM 2 mile dog walk
      PM 1 1/2 hours weights and 30-45 min cardio

      so your saying to do the 1 hour cardio in the morning then weights and the low intensity walk after?

      Sounds good to me Ill try it out, thanks