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  • Supplements

    I am new to bodybuilding and was wondering if all the supplements in the magazines and the internet actually work or if its just a bunch of bull for a company to make money. IF they do work, which ones would ya'll suggest to use?

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    Most supplemenst are garbage the leucik,gackic crap from muscle tech is a prime example, I always suggest the basics, heres what I use

    1. a good multi vitamin-mineral
    2. extra vitamin c 2 grams a day
    3. extra vitamin e 400 iu a day
    4. extra zinc 50 mg a day
    5. fishoil caps 3 a day
    6. a good whey protien (isolate is the best but more expensive than concentrate)

    research the boards and look at what other experinced guys suggest

    don't belive the ads that say Joe Pro bodybuilder gained 25lbs of muscle in a month from -----insert bs supplement


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      if youre taking a multivitamin already why extra vitamin e and c and zinc?


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        extra ant-oxidan't + vitamin c is good for conective tissue and has been shown to reduce cortisol, the amount in a multi isn't enough imo, Linus Pauling (nobel prize winner) advoctaed huge doses of c and talked about all the healt benefits I don't go nearly as high as he recomends but like alot of other bodybuilders, I'm in the 2 gram a day range.