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I Need Some Advice

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  • I Need Some Advice

    Hi, my names chris, im a 22 year old clerk in the canadian air force.
    I have been lifting for 4 years now, intermittent, with relatively no set routine, just experimenting to see what suppliments work, what weight is right for me things like that. Strength i have, shape i have too, unfortunately its pear shape haha. I am 5'11 and i weigh in at 249 at the momment. not my ideal weight of course.

    i am definately at an intermidiate stage in my lifting, i know my body and i have good technique, and i am so very ready to cardio up, but i need a routine to get me toned, and look like i am as strong as i am, please, any advise or plan is welcome, as i will assess them and post b4 after pics.


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    u should get some magazines and read about some traning, or just reaserch it


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      Dude, immerse yourself in these boards! There is a wealth of knowledge here, everything you need to know.

      But one thing someone just helped me with cardio and dieting is to do it in the morning before any meals. It has been helping alot.


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        food is the most improtant thing. make a list of good foods that you can eat. oatmeal, peanut butter, tuna, etc. then structure a diet based on small frequent meals that equal out to slightly less calories than you need to support your present bodyweight. good foods are your best weapon for getting in shape, and bad foods are your worst enemy. everything else is secondary. but i also agree with the above posts. buy literature and read info on this site concerning your goals.
        "Truth is truth, no matter who speaks it."
        Siddhattha Gotama


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          Originally posted by Larsen View Post
          u should get some magazines and read about some traning, or just reaserch it
          Thus the reason for the post?

          There's a ton of information in the natty talk forum on dieting and food ideas, if you lurk around in there you can come across what you will need to diet down/cut weight. I.e what your calorie intake should be, protein, etc. The training forum is also great, there is a lot of people on here who share your same goals so just keep reading.


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            Ask Alex.


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              yea ur right, anything worth doing is worth doing right, im gonna spend the next week reading and ill get back with more specific qs


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                I agree with those who suggest getting knowledge first... it's VERY important to do things right... but more importantly, when you learn how easy it is (if you're patient that is), then that'll just motivate you much more