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Beginners Questions

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  • Beginners Questions

    Hey guys, i have a few questions:

    Can someone please explain how carbohydrates work?

    Is it ok to take whey protein on days that you dont go to the gym, and if not, will the extra protein make you fat or anything?

    I`ve been looking and trying to find an ab workout on this site, but i cant seem to find one. Could someone give me an ab program that will help build up my core strength please.

    Also, my track coach is going to have me doing olympic lifts for training next year, he said i will put on 15-20 pounds mimumum over 3 or 4 months, but he said most of it will be bulky weight because i`ll be using heavy weight with few reps. Are there any supplements or extra activity i can do to stay toned or even get chisled without sacrificing muscle?

    i was wondering if anyone has ever tried or used Cytogainer, i have heard it has amazing results but i just wanted an opinion.

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    I used Cyto Gainer for a while, it works good and tastes good, but make sure your training hard it has alot of calories.

    Carbs are for energy but if you read on here, some people like them some dont. I cut my carbs down so i have become more tone and cut. If you take in excess carbs and calories you will gain wieght, maybe in places you dont like.

    But if your trying to bulk you are going to gain a few extra pounds in other places anyway.


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      Protein and carbs six meals a day every 2 to 3 hours. If you are serious about getting big you are going to have to eat and eat and eat. If you have 2 much of anything it can make you fat yes. Thats why you should have your diet comprised of your LEAN BODY MASS so you know what you can eat to cut, maintain, or get big. Good luck.


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        Protein on OFF days from the gym is very important. Just remember this: you don't grow in the gym you grow when you are OUT of the gym recovering. When you workout you are breaking down muscle tissue forcing it to rebuild stronger and bigger, being sore the next day is the result of that destructive process that takes place in the gym. That's why rest days, diet & supplements are so important for muscle growth.

        PM me any questions you have and I can throw together a quick 101 on diet and supplements for mass building for you OK bro!!!