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  • Nutritionist?

    Who are the better nutritionsit on the forum to work with for offseason programs? Can anyone give me some names? Or if you are an experienced contest nutritionist yourself who works with naturals or has worked with naturals, could you shoot me over your info please?
    MS - Human Sport Performance

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    Layne Norton or Eric Broser.


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      **** ******* is the best, imo.


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        Yeah...I like Dave P but he wants someone experienced with natties. Not that Dave doesn't do natties but Layne and Eric specialize in natties.


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          Big Layne
          NGA Pro Bodybuilder


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            Definitely Layne


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              I would suggest speaking with each person who is educated in the field, you will find that a relationship and trust is the base of any nutrition program.

              So many ways to skin a cat, so to speak. Doing what they tell you, trusting the information, consistent interaction, is the key to success!


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                Im not trying to solicit myself, because I have been very busy working with competitors and others trying to get in great shape. Plus im planning on a big showing at the nationals myself this november. But I just wanted to share Something with you guys.

                I just finished working with an 18 year old all natural competitor

                He came to me for contest prep..

                This guy is all natural, wouldnt even use ephdrine products.

                I got this guy to lose 50lbs and did not lose his shape or fullness. He looks great.. And took first in the teen class and 2nd in the open.. He will even be harder and drier for his next show as he is not going to gain more than about 10lbs untill we start his prep for this show in november.

                He has a big future ahead of him. He just hired me to do his next show, the Natural Olympia in San Francisco in November. Anyways, check my website guys..

                I am always looking to work with someone who wants to get in great shape!
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