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I need a critic...

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  • I need a critic...

    I'm 17, 5'10" 145 lbs. Boxing and wrestling. My goal is to put on lean muscle while doing alot of cardio.

    I've been following these programs for about a month now. I know I've posted a few threads about this, but I think i almost got it this time.


    -Right after waking up, I drink a shake with a 20 oz. gatorade

    1. 6 whole eggs, banana, 5 fish oil caps, 1 serving of fruit.

    2. 7oz. chicken, 1 cup of brown rice.

    3. 7oz. turkey or ground beef, 8oz. potato.

    4. 7oz. chicken, 1 cup of rice, 5 fish oil caps.

    5. 7oz turkey, 2tbsp natty peanut butter, 1 cup of veggies.

    6. 8-10oz. steak, veggies

    -Pre-workout shake- scoop of whey, 5g BCAAs, 5g creatine, banana.

    -Post-workout shake- Univ. Torrent (should I add anything to this?)

    -Bedtime shake- syntha-6, 5g glutamine.

    -on off days, I take 5g creatine, 3 times a day.

    -Every day I take animal pack and 5 fish oil caps.

    Monday Legs:
    Squats 5x6-8
    Lunges or Front squat or split squats 4x10-12
    SLDL 4x8 and or Glute ham raises
    Hamstring curl 3x10
    Standing calves 4x12-15

    Off (one hour of cardio)

    Wednseday Push:
    BB Bench 4x6-8
    DB incline 4x10-12
    Military Press BB 4x6-10
    Cable laterals 3x10-12 (I need a sub. dont have access to right equipment)
    5x6-10 Skull crushers

    OFF (one hour of cardio)

    Friday Pull:

    Dead lifts 4x6-8
    Rows DB or BB 5x6-8
    Lat pulls 5x10-12
    DB curls 5x8-10

    Off (one hour of cardio)


    Any advice, opinions, suggestions and whatnot would be greatly appreciated and thanks a lot for your help.
    "Its better to start off slowly than to finish quickly." - Arnold

  • #2
    Hey champ never tried the syntha 6, but maybe something with more calories might help.
    Maybe another cup or half a cup of rice some where in there.
    And is your 1 hour of cardio full on??? like balls to wall cardio? or is it mild cardio?

    Good luck champ.
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      its balls to the walls. I need it for wrestling. I know that means that i need to fit alot more carbs than normal. Thanks for the input.
      "Its better to start off slowly than to finish quickly." - Arnold


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        Training program looks great!


        • #5
          Your 5 10 and 145 pounds you can not need a hour of cardio a day. Why the extra fat with six whole eggs?


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            And your not eating enough carbs to put on a whol lot of muscle.


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              your 17 and 145 just eat eat eat and you'll be ok.


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                For sure. Im not thinking there is a bf issue at 5 10 and 145. I would up food drastically and drop the cardio to like 20 min lite intensity PW.


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                  use a weight gainer...not pure sugar though ( maltodextrin is good choice for more carbs ). The extra carbs should spare your protein intake for more muscle rebuilding.

                  A good weight gainer I used when I couldnt eat enough whole food was Twin Labs Gainers Fuel. However if you cut your cardio back or workouts...kill the Weight Gainer is will add weight but no the right kind if you cut back on training.


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                    Im thinking about giving MHP up your mass a try.
                    "Its better to start off slowly than to finish quickly." - Arnold


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                      Originally posted by ForemanRules View Post
                      Training program looks great!
                      x2. Good job on not over doing it and concentrating on compound lifts.

                      As far as diet goes I'd drop a couple of the whole for meal 1 and use whites and add oats that meal as well (or another complex carb). Including the shakes your taking in it looks like you're consuming too much protein.
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