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powerlifting or bodybuilding

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  • powerlifting or bodybuilding

    im almost 15 and im in powerlifting with the school and im not for sure what to do should i keep powerlifting or go with bodybuilding? if i do bodybuilding what kind of diet should i do?

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    I think it's great for anyone to start off powerlifting. The concentration on the compound lifts will lead to growth. You will also build a good base for bodybuilding in the future.
    Republicans buy shoes too.


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      Bro just get huge first. It all comes down to what you whant to do


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        What is bodybuilding, and what is powerlifting?

        How about this - focus on the basics - benchpress, shoulder press, pullups, rows, deadlifts and squats.

        Carry a journal with you to the gym and document each workout. Always strive to either perform more reps than last time or, as the reps get high enough, up the weight!

        I suppose you can do PowerBuilding, eh?