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  • cutting help...

    ok well first of all my name is Ian,i am 23,97kgs at 17% body fat and i am 1.82m tall. i have done alot of reading up on dieting etc etc and i have come across one of your posts where u talk about working out calorie intake etc etc, i have also read the same thing in the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle e -book but i still have questions and i am hoping u will be able to help me out here.

    at the moment i am training 5 days a week doing a 5 day split program. each work out is +/-45mins of heavy weight, i do 4 exercises per muscle and 3-4 sets of 8 reps for each exercise, i push heavy enough to fail on the 8th rep so i am pushing to my maximum capacity. i am also doing 30mins of cardio daily, i have been doing walking at 10% gradient at 5km an hour but as of this week i have bumped it up to 15% gradient to give me that more intense work out. my heart rate generally sits between 155bpm - 160bpm.

    now for when working out calorie intake i have used the Katch-McArdle Formula as i know my bf % is 17%

    so i worked it out that 370 + (21.6 x 80.51( lean mass in kg)) which gives me a BMR of 2099 calories.

    now this is where i begin to get confused,do i use the activity scale of 1.55 as i am doing weight 5 times a week and then use the cardio to bring my deficit lower or do i multiply by 1.725 as i am already doing cardio and seem pretty active?

    now a little bit of a back ground into my diet, i have been reading up on this and working out calories etc etc and i have come up with a clean diet of 2750 calories which has a break down of 32% protein 22% fat and 46% carbohydrates. which has worked up untill now but i am aiming to go sub 10% bf so this is why i need help as i have hit a bit of a plateau and i think its to do with the way i have been working out my calorie intake...

    now i am not sure how much u can help me with zig zag dieting but will this be benefitial to me? i am not keen to drop my carbs less than 40 % as i have tried the 30% thing and my moods where terrible and energy was terrible so much so that i couldnt perform very well at varsity as my energy levels where terrible!

    now would this idea be a good one for doing zig zag dieting (obviously macro nutrient ratios will be around 40:40:20)

    monday 2600calories
    tuesday 3200calories
    wednesday 2800calories
    thursday 2600calories
    friday 3200calories
    saturday 2400calories
    sunday 2400calories

    the reason i have done high calorie days on tuesdays and friday is am a dj and i usually play out on those nights and get home at 2am so i need the extra fuel for those nights. i do not drink and do narcotics so those are no worries on my mind,i only drink diet coke or water when i do go out aswell

    please if u have any advice for me please please please please please i would love to hear it as i am at a loss and am really getting demotivated as a result!!

    i have stopped taking my eca aswell this week as i have been on it for 8 weeks and i have dropped 6 kgs but i think i have become used to it..

    all my carb sources are from

    oats,potato's/sweet potato's when the quality is good,basmati rice(i have been told by quite a few nutritional guides that this is low GI) Vitargo(50grams post work out) and high fibre bran flakes.

    protein sources are
    chicken breasts
    egg whites
    whey protein (90grams a day as i feel whole food is best)
    cottage cheese,fat free obviously( i have 125 grams with 30grams whey before bed for a slow release protein source)
    i have red meat once or twice a week... 200grams fillet streak is all i take in.

    this a sample of my diet the first column is protein,carbs then fats.


    100grams oats 13 56 9 all bran 40grams 4 22 1.5


    4egg whites 1 whole egg 22 0 7.5 50grams white rice 4 40 0


    150grams chicken 37 0 14 200GRAMS potato 3 52 0

    Post Work Out

    vitargo 50grams 0 40 0 whey protein 60grams 44 4 2

    Mid Afternoon

    150grams chicken 37 0 14 200grams potato 3 52 0


    200grams chicken 50 0 18

    Pre Bed

    30grams casein protien 22 2 1 125grams cottage cheese 12 6 1

    total nutrients is 2800 calories 251 protein, 274 carbs and 68fats.