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is frozen food from the supermarket a good source of calories

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  • is frozen food from the supermarket a good source of calories

    i just watched ronnie colemans relentless dvd and he was eating frozen beef burgers that you buy in a supermarket. Thats not clean eating is
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    Most food from a packet has additives such as nitrates and other bad shit you don't need.

    Always check the label to see whats in it.

    Eat fresh food whenever possible.


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      frozen vegies are a god send when yout dieting and tired ... theyre about the only frozen thing you will need.

      get your butcher to dice your meat/s only take 5 mins to cook and use microwave rice

      No reason not to be on the right diet with a little planning.


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        I just love this guy ronnie is such a great dude, so friendly and every meal I seen him eat he always prays! what a top guy.

        And onto the food lol, I will use frozen veg sometimes I just look for what has least shit in it.
        Life is for leading, not people pleasing it is a race that's never been won


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          Thats funny, I am watching it as we speak. That guy is a monster on the weights and eats like a horse. No wonder he is so great. Yeah Baby!


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            Its hard to look to Ronnie for a nutritional example, he could have eaten just about anything and been in shape, i like frozen veggies, nuke'em and shove them in, lol. You can make your own frozen dinners, cook up a bunch of food (chicken, whatever) and freeze it, in one meal portions, no more i dont have time to eat clean anymore