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Quad sweep

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  • Quad sweep

    I hear this term a lot. What exactly is it? The width of your quad?

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    Yeah, and there are exercises that help with that, from Lunges, Leg Abductions and Adductions. Those help the more traditional exercises like Squats, Leg Presses and Leg Extensions. At least that's how I understand it.


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      No no no,quad sweep is not the width of your quad at all.It's the sweep that is created from development of the outer thigh muscles.Outer thigh sweep is a more accurate term.


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        Ah thanks for the correction!


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          Originally posted by Nick1971 View Post
          Ah thanks for the correction!
          No worries.


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            quad sweep.. think dennis wolf


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              to me when i hear the word sweep it refers to the outer part of the quad and the teardrop is the inner part of the quad. to focus on the sweep you would do some leg presses or hacks with a close stance and the opposite for the teardrop. in my opinion the teardrop is a much easier muscle to develop than the outer sweep. so definitely focus your training on doing some work for that outer sweep to make your legs look that much bigger.
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                Outer part of the upper thigh. I'm probably completely anatomically incorrect but I had a shit training session tonight and have since drank 3 beers.