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    I have been training haphazardly for a year or so now, but have decided to go hammer and tongs from this point forward. A copy of my workout is below:

    I train Thursday through Tuesday with Wednesday as a rest day. Abs and cardio are done three times weekly in morning. The reason I wasn't training regularly was long hours. Now I have joined a gym 2 minutes from work so Thurs, Fri, Mon & Tue workouts can be done within lunchbreak (sixty seconds rest between sets).

    I would appreciate any feedback from people with more experience.

    Thursday:Weight:Cardio:Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4ExerciseWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightFlat Bench Dumbell PressFlat Bench Dumbell FlyesIncline Bench PressBarbell RowsDumbell RowsClose Grip Lat PulldownFriday:Weight:Cardio:Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4ExerciseWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightBarbell CurlsIncline Dumbell Curls FlatEZ Bar Preacher CurlsStraight Bar PushdownsLying Barbell SkullcrushersStanding Barbell SkullcrushersSaturday:Weight:Cardio:Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4ExerciseWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightStanding Military PressSeated Arnold PressStanding Lat RaiseDumbell ShrugsDeadliftsLying Leg CurlsHigh Position Leg PressCalf RaisesSeated Calf RaisesSunday:Weight:Cardio:Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4ExerciseWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightFlat Bench PressPec Deck / Cable CrossoversIncline Dumbell PressChinsWide Grip Lat PulldownsWide Parallel Grip Seated RowsReverse Wrist CurlsWrist CurlsMonday:Weight:Cardio:Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4ExerciseWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightEZ Bar CurlsRotating Incline Dumbell CurlsHammer CurlsRope PushdownsLying EZ Bar SkullcrushersSeated Dumbell RaiseTuesday:Weight:Cardio:Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4ExerciseWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightRepsWeightSeated Military PressRear Lateral RaiseFront RaiseSquatsLeg PressLeg Extensions
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    Hey Splendor - Fyrst of all.. welcome to MD..

    That's a nice routine.. but sometimes, less is more.. and it leaves more room for variety... plus you can really blast a certain bodypart more... and by the way.. feel free to add another rest day..

    I've done the Push/Pull method, but I like to "SUGGEST" ---- Choosing 4 exercises for each bodypart

    Thursday - Chest ... Incline Press, Flat Press, Flat Flyes, Dips
    Friday - Back ... Deadlifts, Pull Ups, Seated Rows, Shrugs
    Sat - Arms / Shoulders - Military Press, Side Laterals, Skullcrushers, Incline DB Curls, Rear Laterals
    Sunday - Rest
    Monday - Legs ... Squats, Leg Extensions, Good Mornings, Leg Curls, Calf Raises
    Tuesday - Wednesday - Rest? ....

    By reducing the volume, you'll have options when you want to substitute and exercise and by adding rest days.. you reduce the risk of overtraining... Remember you grow outside the gym..

    Of course.. if 30 people see this thread, you may get 30 different suggested routines... you'll have to find what works best for you...

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