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4 Reps x 1 to 10 sets and effects on muscular development

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  • 4 Reps x 1 to 10 sets and effects on muscular development

    I would like to know if there is any benefit in adding extra sets to a particular exercise, when using a particular number of reps.

    I understand that by lifting heavy weights, allowing us only a low number of repetitions, will develop first of all, muscular strenght.

    But what if we keep adding to each workout, more sets, instead of adding more weight, or more reps? What effect would it have in our muscular development?

    If an athlete could lift, 50 Kg or 110 Pounds and do no more than 4 reps, completing one single set would result in muscular strenght. But what would the result be if he keeps adding more sets in the next workouts?

    Would it still result in gains of muscular strenght, or would we start to see a shift towards muscular size development, and endurance development, and after some time, even towards a wasting of time and energy available, which would be more wisely used, by applying it to lift more weight, doing a lower number of sets?

    Is there anyone on here, able to indicate the different results for each extra set added to a particular exercise, and to explain the difference between adding extra sets instead of an extra number of reps?

    4 reps x 1 set

    4 reps x 2 sets

    4 reps x 3 sets

    4 reps x 4 sets

    4 reps x 5 sets

    4 reps x 6 sets

    4 reps x 7 sets

    4 reps x 8 sets

    4 reps x 9 sets

    4 reps x 10 sets

    I was following strong lifts 5x5 program [And lifting every Tuesday,Thursday, and Friday] and after getting stuck I made a slight change to the program, and started to follow a 4x4 rule, and resting 72 hours between workouts.

    To add an extra day of rest to the 5x5 program made a great difference in my progress. I was finding it to difficult to recuperate from 5x5 workouts.

    It seems easier to add an extra set than to add an extra rep, and this is quiet intriging seeing that an extra set will add not one but four extra reps!