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My Intro and I'm totally lost

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  • My Intro and I'm totally lost

    Hello all - I am just getting into body building at 36 years old and I have no clue what to do or where to begin. I recently quit smoking (in April) and started dieting in July because I had a gut that drove me nuts. I am 5'-6.5" and went from 168 lbs to now 150 lbs. I just started going to the gym about 2 weeks ago. What confuses me the most is how to eat.
    An average day for me now:
    Gym: 6:30 - 7:45 am - 2 body parts per day and 15-20 minutes cardio
    Breakfast: 8:00 am - 5 egg whites w/ onion, chicken cubes, zuchini or a bowl of Fiber 1 cereal with a banana
    Snack: 10:30 - yogart or south beach living snack bar
    Lunch: 12:30 - Tuna with lettuce
    Snack: 3:30 - banana, yogart, apple
    Dinner: 5:30 - Grilled Chicken with veggies or fish
    Late snack: 8:30 - graham crackers
    I know I'm not doing a lot of stuff right at all but I dont want my gut back. My goal is to gain muscle and lose body fat. I want to be down to 8% body fat.
    My workouts are:
    Monday: Back/ Bicepts/ ForeArms/ Cardio
    Tuesday: Chest/ Triceps/ Cardio
    Wednesday: Shoulders/ Legs
    Thursday: Cardio 30 minutes/ Intense Abs
    Friday: 1 exercize for each body part
    Sat/ Sun: off but I do push-ups and sit-ups
    I also do one exercise for my abs every day at gym
    As far as eating, call me dumb but I dont understand the Calories, Good Fat, Bad Fat, Sugars, etc. Basically, I dont know how to messure or what to messure when I eat.
    Sorry for the long post but I am looking for any advise at all that could help me reach my goal.

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    Tommy, congrats on your enthusiasm but you are grossly over training and under eating. Call me at 239-292-9565 any time after noon on Sunday. I'll get you set up and I won't charge. Have a pen and paper ready. JD.
    "My claim to fame? I went from being obese as a child to being the most nasty ripped man in the building."