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Question about Abs Program

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  • Question about Abs Program

    Hey guys, whats up!

    I'm 17 years old and I've been doing abs for a while but I have a question about my ab program. I read in the MD the thing about "Charles Glass Training for Shredded Abs, and he expains perfectly how to do it, but he doesn't explain how often to do it. The program is:

    1. Hanging Leg Raises (3x20)
    2. Lying Leg Thrusts (4x20)
    3. Crunches (4x20)
    4. Quarter Sit-Ups (4x20)

    (I chose the number of sets and reps)

    Right now I'm doing it everyday and I don't feel pain on my abs, I just feel it burning right after I exercise. I really want to get nice abs, so my question is how many times a week I should do it. If someone have another ab program that you think works better, could you please tell me?

    Thank you!

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    usually i get the best results from three or four times a week. but every trainer is just gotta play with the amounts and see what works best.


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      Alright, so I'll start doing everyday. Thank you very much!


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        just make sure you dont do much if any weight training... dont want a blocky midsection


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          I got mine to come in for working them everyday for 3 months!!!! Did both body resistance and weighted excercise


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            Abdominal training is not just for rectus abdominals, you also need to hit intercostals, inner and outer obliques. Crunches, leg raises, roll-outs, pikes, situps etc all target RA. Side lateral flexion motions ie hanging lateral raises, side planks, lying torso twists (feet rotate inward outward legs raises) side bends etc all hit obliques. Intercostals simply need a torso twisting motion sides as crossovers, bicycles, lying torso twists (my favorite for both obliques and intercostals) hanging knee-up with a twist to name a few. Keep it simple and cover all 3 major motions. Good Luck
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              Diet number 1.


              • #8
                do them everyday.
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                  Train the 2-3 times weekly,no weights,just do 3-4 exercises in a row non-stop and repeat for the desired number of sets you want to do.............abs are made in the kitchen,so eat right or it`ll all be to no avail.
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                    As mentioned diet is they key to great abs. For me, I do weighted exercises twice a week. Typically, 4 exercises 15-20 reps each. I vary my routine between about 8 exercises to keep the muscles guessing.