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Ab training

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  • Ab training

    What is the best way to do abs 10-15 reps like everything else or blast them out with a ton of reps? Or should you combine these theories?

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    it all depends on the person and the day imo...i sometimes get the best burn when i do crunches for sets of 100 then two or three days later it might be machine crunches for sets of 25. you just gota find out what works best for you.


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      Just do 25 or 30 reps max but try and hold and contract your abs for 3-5 seconds on every rep, its alot harder and works better in my opinion. And that way you wont have to be pounding out 200 reps just to get a burn.


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        I had to train my abs for our fitness tests, and I started from nothing. The best way for me was strength training and endurance training.

        Day 1: Strength training. Use weights that are heavy enough so you can do no more than 15 reps. Do 4 sets of 15 reps per exercise. Make sure to work all angles, so include various leg lifts, inclines, and oblique exercises. I do these without a machine, using only ankle weights, medicine balls (or plates), and the incline bench.

        Day 2: Endurance. Do yesterday's workout, but without weights. Instead of a set number of reps, you're doing reps in 2 minutes. Do 4 sets of 2 minute Marine Corps crunches (lay on your back, feet near your butt, and arms across your chest. Come up until your arms hit your thighs, and come down just until your shoulder blades hit the ground. This keeps a constant strain on your abs). Do the same with the incline. For the leg lifts, just do those to failure as speed might cause too much strain on your hip joint.

        Day 3: Rest

        Repeat ad nauseum. This has been the best routine I've found. Buy yourself an ab book so you can try all these different ab exercises. The V situp might work well for me, but not you.
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          25 Reps

          When I started out I did 20-25 reps of an ab exercise.

          A good beginner program would be:
          2 Sets of Knee Ups on a bench (for lower abs)
          2 Sets of Bicycles (for obliques)
          2 Sets of Crunches (for abs but mainly upper abs)

          Always train the upper abs last because they get worked in most lower ab and oblique exercises. Also, don't forget to work your lower back with some hyperextensions. Your lower back will thank you in the long run.

          Chris Oldcorn


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            Use a Ball to, you know the big bouncy ones, and set up like your doing a plank hold but your shins are on the ball and bring your knees to the chest then roll back out, really works the lower abs like crazy. A must do in my opinion.


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              i personally used to have a bit blockier midsection from too much work and now only do 3 set crunches and 3 set reverse crunches


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                Originally posted by killinweights View Post
                i personally used to have a bit blockier midsection from too much work and now only do 3 set crunches and 3 set reverse crunches
                Ever tried over-working your abs?
                Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?


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                  not really... i just do enough to activate the muscles and keep them tight now... i used to train the shit out of them heavy and lost a bit of the taper so i really toned down the training and stick to conditioning them more than anything


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                    Thanks for the info. I will have to try this!