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Because of the email regisration being abused, registration will be by invitation only.
The Invitation must come from a No Bull member of 1 year or more, and it must be sent to Jen directly with an email address and username of the invitee.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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Arm Training with 8 x Mr Olympia Lee Haney at the MD Legends Seminar

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    he's right about the explosive movement. that is for sure. tens of thousands of bbers throughout history have done standing bb curls that way and i don't recall many of them having any lack of bicep development. you wanna get strict? then go to the preacher pad/bench or hit the concentration curls. those exercises are for that. you are meant to do them with strict form and full range of motion, slow tempo etc... same goes for standing bb press. you gotta put some thrust into it. but be careful oh no! the form nazis will get you!


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      Does anybody know why can't watch these videos? I get a password prompt and my password does not work. Not new to the site but it's a new account. Thanks.